No on 8 contributions doubled today

If you've been thinking about helping save same-sex marriage in California, by donating to the No on Proposition 8 campaign, today might be a good time to do so: the Human Rights Campaign and a couple of donors are matching every dollar donated today.

I still have no time to write my long-planned real entry about Prop 8, but I'll note in passing that I'm a little dubious about the "we're way behind in the polls, so send us money, NOW!" alarmism from various No-on-8 campaign sites in the past few days (including the abovelinked one); it's true that two recent polls show the Yes-on-8 side in the lead, but my understanding is that the pollsters consider those polls to be too close to call.

But even if we can't be certain of the exact numbers right now, it's looking like it's going to be a very close vote. So I still encourage everyone who can do so to donate to the No On 8 campaign.

As before, you don't have to live in California to contribute. In fact, according to the above site, even some non-citizens can contribute, if they have permanent residency:

Foreign nationals are prohibited from making contributions to this campaign, unless they have United States permanent residency status (i.e., a green card).

It's not tax-deductible, but it's a good cause, and the result of this vote could have a big impact on same-sex marriage in the rest of the US.

4 Responses to “No on 8 contributions doubled today”

  1. Pasquinade

    Just voted (absentee). Here’s hoping.

    Also saw a fascinating article:

    A Catholic priest, when told to preach in favor of Prop 8, comes out against it and is suspended. For somebody like me, a Catholic on the outs with Catholicism, it was fascinating reading.

  2. Jed

    Wow. That’s a fascinating and moving piece; thank you for the link. The rest of Father Farrow’s blog is also good reading. It looks like he’s made a significant media splash with all this; I’m surprised I haven’t seen it mentioned ’til now.

    Thanks also to Jay H, who pointed me to an article about Father Farrow this afternoon, even though I didn’t see that article ’til after I saw this comment.

  3. jaipur

    ok, done. Put my money where my mouth is.

    Funny to see the Father Farrow link. I’ve been following that story through Sue Russell’s blog (, but I didn’t think it had made that much of a media splash. I meant to post a link in LJ…

  4. KJ

    I also didn’t see the Father Farrow story until last weekend, despite following several progressive blogs that have been talking about Prop 8, and it really surprises me that it hasn’t gotten wider play in the media, or at least the blogosphere.

    I’ve donated to HRC — thanks for the heads-up about the matching! — and also to the campaign directly, but I really wish they had better advertising. Their first ads struck me as wishy-washy, and the more recent ones seem totally impersonal. I understand that they’re walking a fine line, but I would have thought the winning strategy would be to put a human face on the fact that, if Prop. 8 passes, thousands of real people will have their marriages annulled. If only there were some way to say “I’ll give you more money if you put it into creating more effective advertising.”


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