Facebook nostalgia

A couple of my high-school friends have recently been posting high-school photos on Facebook, which has left me awash in nostalgia.

I think if you go to my photos page on Facebook, you can see the ones that have me in them, mostly big-group shots. (But you have to be a Facebook member.) Apparently I sometimes took my glasses off for photos--I wonder why.

Anyway, I've been enjoying the stroll down memory lane. Even pulled out my senior-year yearbook the other day. There were a fair number of folks in high school who I had crushes on, and a fair number of others who I would have had crushes on if I'd been paying attention. But also just nice to see all these old photos of friends.

Makes me want to finally scan in all my old photos. I still want to get an automated photo scanner, the kind where you can put a bunch of photos in the hopper and it'll go through them all, but I kind of stalled out on the research for that project many months ago, and I definitely don't have time to look into it right now. But maybe sometime in the next couple weeks I'll try to get moving on that again.

(The main problem seems to be that nobody makes that kind of thing any more. I suppose I could bundle up all my photos and send them to a scanning service like ScanMyPhotos, but I worry about the possibility of losing all my old photos in the mail. Maybe I should send all the ones that I have negatives for to that service, and get a Hammacher Schlemmer Photo to digital converter for the irreplaceable ones. Or I could take my photos in to ScanMyPhotos in person--they're in Irvine, so next time I'm in SoCal I could stop by. Hmm. They do medium-compression JPGs (I prefer lower compression/higher quality), but I could probably live with that.)

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