Two nice No On 8 items

Before I went to vote today, I grabbed a tape measure. The church down the block, which hosts my polling place, has had half a dozen Yes On 8 signs all over their property for the past couple weeks (that was what finally convinced me to volunteer for the No On 8 campaign), including one that I was pretty sure was within 100 feet of the polling booths. I figured I was going to have to argue with church officials and/or phone election officials to get that sign moved.

But as it turns out, all of the Yes On 8 signs were gone. No idea whether that was the church's decision or whether they were removed by election officials; either way, it was a big relief.

On the way home from voting, I read a sweet little tidbit from Andrew Sullivan about voting in San Francisco. Thanks for pointing to that, nj!

In a few minutes, Kam and I will be heading off to a polling place to help out with the No On 8 campaign. The main goal is to remind people who support same-sex marriage that they want to vote No. (We'll be staying outside the 100 boundary, of course.) Apparently a significant number of people are still confused about what a No vote means on that proposition.

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  1. Reinie

    I just read that Prop 8 passed. I find it hard to believe. After the elation of this morning’s news (the results of the presidential elections were in the middle of the night here, we’re 9 hours ahead of California), this sure hits hard. This can’t be the end of it, right?


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