More species identification

Mary Anne has been crocheting a cute wee beastie. Originally, the idea was for it to become an elephant, but even after adding feet, Mary Anne is dubious about its elephantosity.

She has asked her readers what it is, if it isn't an elephant. I, of course, maintain that it's a baby heffalump. (You can tell it's a baby by the big neotenic eyes.)

Anyway, I invite y'all zoologist types to go take a look and let Mary Anne know what kind of creature it is.

I tried to come up with a good word for the study of stuffed-animal cladistics, but the best I could manage was farcizoology (from Latin farcire, "to stuff"), which I'm not thrilled with. Suggestions welcome.

(Addendum, added in 2016: see a later entry of Mary Anne's for photos of the completed critter.)

2 Responses to “More species identification”

  1. crinklequirk

    Definitely Heffalump (see [and hear]

    It’s the probiscus – she’s not tapered it towards the end, you see, so it looks heffalumpy (well, that and the cute multi-colored yarn).

    It’s really cute, though! 🙂

  2. crinklequirk

    Oh, forgot:

    How about plushology – the study of plushies? Neopets isn’t the only one referring to stuffed animals and the like as plushies, so it’s a useful term.


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