Man Out Of Space, Easiest

Someone recently mentioned the MOOSE, "perhaps the most celebrated bail-out-from-orbit system of the early 1960s."

If I'm understanding right, the acronym really stood for Manned Orbital Operations Safety Equipment. The idea was that an astronaut in a spacesuit who needed to bail out of a spacecraft would strap this chairlike device to their back, jump out of the spacecraft, and fall solo through the atmosphere to an eventual parachute landing.

Sadly, the concept was eventually shelved. But I love the idea of a solo astronaut being able to survive a fall from orbit.

2 Responses to “Man Out Of Space, Easiest”

  1. KJ

    That’s an excellent concept, and not only because it’s called MOOSE. 🙂

  2. Jed

    🙂 Glad you like it–I thought of you when I saw the acronym.


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