Day One, 2009

We got 45 valid submissions during our first 24 hours after reopening to subs, tying with January 1, 2008 for second-highest-volume-day ever.

The highest-volume day was July 1, 2008, with 73 stories in the first 24 hours after reopening to subs.

In third place is January 2, 2007, with 40 subs.

Oddly, this year volume was relatively low for the first twelve hours. Only three subs in the first nine hours of the year, and only five more in the next three hours. I had a moment of thinking that perhaps we'd have a nice leisurely start to the year this time. But then the flood began: fourteen over the next three hours, then two or three an hour for the rest of the day.

Oh, and we had two other submissions sent via email, which were therefore invalid. I've told the authors to resubmit using the online submission form.

Anyway, I'm tentatively guessing that we'll end up with around the same number of subs this January as last January, which is to say about 500.

Thankfully, this time we have three capable Editorial Assistants to help us out with the reading load. I'm hoping that that'll allow us to get through the submission flood without falling five weeks behind on reading again. Fingers crossed.

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