Clean clean

Today, after some preliminary procrastination, I cleaned the house.

With some exceptions.

The guest room is in pretty good shape, as are two of the bathrooms. The living room needs probably another hour or so of work, but is doing pretty well. The dining room table is still covered in papers; I'll shift those off to the side or put them in a box or something. I've been pretty good about keeping the dishes and kitchen counter clean for the past week or two, so that's still fine. And I did six loads of laundry.

My bedroom and the bathroom attached to it are still in their usual extreme-disaster-area state; gotta do something about that soon. And I still need to finish in the living room, and run the vacuum over various surfaces, and run a dishwasher load, and deal with the dining-room papers, and do something with the family photos that've been taking up half the love seat for many months. (Really, I could use another five or six hours, but I'll settle for an hour or so of picking stuff up in the morning.) But other than that, the house is approximately clean, for the first time in a very long time. Possibly over a year.

Now that the place isn't a total mess, I'm gonna try to hire cleaners to come in regularly. I couldn't do that before, because they wouldn't have been able to get to the stuff that needed cleaning.

The proximate cause of this flurry of activity is that Michael and Lisa are visiting, starting tomorrow. But it's all stuff I've been meaning to do for weeks or months.

Heh--I just remembered that when we were in college, Michael's and my room (and, later, apartment) was often a mess, and I figured we were well-matched in that regard. And then I visited him at one point when he was in grad school, and saw that his apartment was spotless, and realized to my chagrin that I was the messy one.

Anyway. Also today: read some more of Inkheart; played a little Katamari on iPhone; phone calls from Stephanie and Mary Anne; listened to about 125 songs on my iPhone as I cleaned up (lots of songs I already knew I liked, but there were two particular unexpected pleasures: Ken Nordine's "Junk Man" and "7+1", both surreal but lovely stream-of-consciousness Word Jazz pieces, probably now my second- and third-favorites of his after "Flibberty Jib"); took time out in the evening for a couple episodes of Taxi (which I have on DVD from Netflix, having never seen it before); did a little editing; tracked all the cleaning stuff I was doing via a trial copy of Things, which I'm trying to decide whether to adopt as my to-do list app.

But more on that anon. For now, me for sleep.

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  1. Debby

    Congratulations. I know what a big job that is. Having cleaners forced me to tidy twice a month. It was a good choice.


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