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Good things

Some assorted good things: There’s now only one published Joanna Russ story that I don’t have a copy of (and a university library may be sending me that last one soon). And I’m making progress on a couple of Russ-related projects. I’ve been helping the Otherwise Award folks catch up on various tasks and get […]


This past Tuesday, Mary Anne broke up with me, ending a relationship that lasted a little over 26 years. The relationship has been on rocky ground for at least the past two years, during which time we’ve been doing couples therapy. (We didn’t talk publicly about our 25th anniversary, in late 2022, because it would’ve […]


I was going to say that it’s been a difficult and stressful week, but I’m trying to remind myself to question that kind of totalizing narrative. So maybe it would be more accurate to say: It’s been a complicated week for me, with a couple of particularly difficult and stressful events that I’m not ready […]

Life updates

Some assorted life updates: 15 days after my lower back started hurting, it’s feeling a lot better, though still some pain. (No advice, please.) I now have even more sympathy than usual for those of you whose back issues don’t go away. I posted my first post in the local Buy Nothing group on Facebook, […]

A knock on the door

(Content warning for description of opening my front door when someone knocked on it. I know that some of you get very upset about the idea of opening one’s door; you may want to skip this post.) The following is a description of a puzzling incident that happened in April (iIrc)—I wrote the description at […]

Nebraska mother sentenced in abortion case

“A Nebraska mother who helped her teenage daughter obtain abortion pills to end her pregnancy [at 29 weeks] and later disposed of the fetus’ remains was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday” (Quoted from a Forbes article.) This situation has apparently been in the news for over a year now, but I hadn’t […]

Update on hearing aids

Short version: I had a hearing test and a hearing-aid consultation yesterday; they both went fine; I hope to be getting hearing aids in November. My overall impression is that the process of getting hearing aids is (a) super slow, (b) super expensive, and (c) hard to get information about. At least at PAMF. Long […]

Life updates

I’ve been doing a bunch of stuff lately, but haven’t been posting much about current status of most of it. Figured it was time to post an update. (I’m not looking for advice about any of this.) Unread-books project I’m down to only 200 unread trade paperbacks and hardcovers! I continue to expect that I’ll […]

Life update: social and productive

Some what-I’ve-been-up-to updates: Last week was extremely social for me. As usual, all of the socializing was lovely, but the total added up to being kind of exhausting. Mary Anne was in town for a couple of days; I spent some time with Kam; I went on a walk at Shoreline with a friend; I […]

Productive day

Had a nicely productive day today. For example: Checked off over 20 items on my task list—usually these days I get through about 10 in a given day. (Most of today’s items were either small things or incremental-progress-on-ongoing-projects things, but all of them were good things to get done.) Prepared for cleaners, including getting enough […]

Stack Exchange moderators on strike over AI-related issues

A bunch of Stack Exchange moderators have gone on strike because the company is telling them not to moderate AI-generated posts. There are a bunch of complicated and nuanced aspects to the situation. Here’s my understanding of what’s going on, but I’m not an expert (and I’m biased toward believing the moderators): AI-generated material often […]