This week’s SH fiction: “Greetings from Kampala”

I've been meaning for maybe a year now to start posting a link from my blog to each week's fiction at Strange Horizons, but somehow I never remember.

Not sure I'll manage to keep doing it regularly, but I'll at least start:

This week's story is "Greetings from Kampala," by Angela Ambroz. Hindustani and Chinese forces are having an interstellar war; the protagonist, a soldier of African descent who's suffering from PTSD, is stuck on a cargo ship with hundreds of refugees.

Pull quote:

It was dangerous on such an epic level of dangerous that Ghada was awestruck by the captain's lethal levels of stupidity. If you went down the wrong Drop, the space-time anomalies could rip you apart.

I've never liked it when editors introduce a story by describing it, which is why we've always done pull quotes instead of descriptions on the SH table-of-contents page. But here in my blog, when I remember to mention the stories, I may give some brief info about them in addition to the pull quote, to try to give y'all an extra little inducement to click over to the site. I will, of course, endeavor to avoid spoilers.

Other SH material this week includes:

Stephanie Green on Tolkien-themed heavy metal; a Bruce Boston & Marge Simon "Time Traveler" poem; and reviews of Lucius Shepard, The Spirit, and (coming Friday) Glen Cook.

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