This week’s SH fiction: “The Shangri-La Affair”

Last week and this week at Strange Horizons: A two-part story, "The Shangri-La Affair," by Lavie Tidhar, in which a nameless agent in a high-tech nearish future goes to Laos looking for--well, you'll have to read the story to find out.

[War] came spilling over Asia like grains of rice measured into a pan. Digital systems were corrupted. Tailor-made viruses swept through urban populations, spread out to villages, sometimes merely killing, sometimes transforming people into ... into other things.

Other SH material last week and this week includes:

Poems by Kaolin Imago Fire and Martin Hazelbower; a Brian Trent article about Greek and Chinese philosophy; a Nicholas Seeley article on apocalypses; and reviews of works by McKillip, Robson, M.M. Buckner, Gwyneth Jones, and (forthcoming later in the week) Stephen King and Ken Scholes.

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