Monday morning video entertainment

Naomi just pointed me to a fun and charming animated video of the song "The Log Driver's Waltz." Remember, a log driver's waltz pleases girls completely! (And the song introduced me to the word "birling"; for more info, see the Wikipedia entry for The Log Driver's Waltz.)

And from there, YouTube led me to a kids' puppet video of a song called "Don't You Put It in Your Mouth." Which isn't quite as much fun as Uncle Bonsai's song "Don't Put It in Your Mouth," but still fun, especially the earnest lion repeating the moral at the end. (And I gather that the puppet song was actually aimed at kids (though I think this video is a lightly edited version), whereas the Uncle Bonsai song is a bit more intentionally suggestive.)

Added a bit later:

A couple months ago, after j7y pointed me to it, I linked to a video of the Dr. Who opening credits done in the style of new-series Battlestar Galactica opening credits. (Major spoilers for various seasons of Dr. Who; no spoilers for BSG.) I just noticed that there are a whole bunch of videos that mix and match the theme music, credit styles, and bits of video from a variety of different TV series.

New-series BSG credits done in the style of (and with the theme music from) Lost in Space. Various mixes of various Star Trek shows with BSG. New-series BSG credits with original-series BSG music. Reworked Andromeda opening credits in the style of (and with the music of) new-series BSG. And so on. Some of the others are funny, but I keep noticing how well the Bear McCreary new-series-BSG theme music works with just about any well-done video.

Anyway, the only one I'm gonna specifically link to here is Muppetstar Galactica (no BSG spoilers at all). But from there, you can follow YouTube links to dozens of others.

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