Recent queer anniversaries

There's been much press lately about this past Sunday (June 28) having been the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

And there's been a fair bit of press in some circles about June 16 having been the anniversary of the first legal same-sex marriages in California.

But I only just noticed that June 26 was the sixth anniversary of the decision in Lawrence v. Texas.

(I am amused that if you Google [Lawrence v. Texas], the first three results are phonebook results for people named Lawrence, with middle initial V, living in Texas.)

I noticed that because I happened across my journal entry from shortly after that decision was issued, discussing the ruling. I was particularly struck by O'Connor's attempt to preemptively prevent that ruling from being used to support same-sex marriage.

A lot sure has changed, on the same-sex marriage front, in the past forty years, the past six years, and even the past year.

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