Real-person roleplay

I recently saw Natalie Portman live (well, on a screen, but in realtime, from a nearby location). Which gave me a certain sense of cognitive dissonance—not because I expected her to be like her characters, but because most of my exposure to her appearance lately has been via Darths & Droids.

(Minor spoilers for that webcomic follow.)

So I've gotten used to thinking of someone who looks like her as being roleplayed by a male "gung-ho roleplayer, interested in action, cool fight scenes, and lucrative spoils" (as the character description page puts it).

And since that roleplayer previously played Qui-Gon, I have kind of the same thing going on in my head as a poster at the Darths & Droids forum who wrote:

In the back of my mind, ever since the switch I've been seeing Pads as Liam Neeson in very convincing drag.

So when I saw Natalie Portman in real life, I had a momentary weird sense that she was being roleplayed by a hack-and-slash roleplayer who looks like Liam Neeson.

I mean, obviously in the strip, the fictional character of Jim (who presumably doesn't actually look at all like Liam Neeson) is roleplaying the fictional-squared character of Padme, not roleplaying Natalie Portman.

But it was still a little disconcerting.

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