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Some links with no particular unifying theme other than closing browser windows:

  • Discussion of the history of the honeycrisp apple, including info about how apples go from experimental numbered varieties to commercial named varieties.
  • I recently had occasion to search for the closest airport to Bozeman, MT. I got an entertainingly offbase answer (I don't recommend clicking that link—the site is pretty obnoxious, I'm just linking to it to cite my source): it starts by saying "There are 10 major airports near Bozeman, Montana," and then goes on to list the closest as being SLC (341 miles away) and Calgary (402 miles away). You'd think it might have started by mentioning Gallatin Field (BZN), the Bozeman airport; perhaps that's not a "major" enough airport, but it is served by several major airlines, is one hop away from several major hubs, and has the advantage of being less than fifteen miles from central Bozeman instead of being a five- to seven-hour drive away.
  • Interesting AP interview with Obama from early July, 2009, covering a wide range of topics. (Unemployment, Russia, prolonged detention of prisoners without trial, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, affirmative action, Iraq, Michael Jackson, and the fact that the White House has excellent pie, among other things.) A surprising-to-me amount of depth for such a short interview.
  • CCTV, China's state television network, recently complained in a broadcast about the ease of finding pornography online. I'm not here to comment on that, though; I was just amused by one specific bit of the article, describing an interviewee who said: "I have this fellow student and he's been curious about these kinds of things. [...] He visited porn Web sites and ended up becoming absent-minded for a while." So that's why I'm so absent-minded.
  • FutureMe lets you write letters to be delivered to your future self. You can also mark your letters as "public, but anonymous" if you want the general public to be able to read them—which of course means that you can read other people's letters to their future selves.
  • Alexa, of the Flotsam blog, responds entertainingly to some of the top search queries that lead people to her blog.

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