Roll of thunder

Sitting in M&K's living room, seeing occasional huge flashing lightning bursts off to the north, followed ten or fifteen seconds later by long rumbling thirty-second thunder rolls. One of them a few minutes ago was this huge crashing boom that just went on and on. Very impressive.

I stopped by Twitter to see what people were saying about it; even though Twitter still doesn't really fit my head, I do think it's sometimes kinda fun to do searches to see what people are posting in realtime. Like in this case I searched for thunder chicago and saw several suitably impressed tweets. (But for some reason, that link isn't working for me. Sorry about that.)

Ellie (M&K's dog) came downstairs; couldn't tell if she was scared or just wanted company. I petted her a little, and then she sat on the other couch for a few minutes, and then when the lightning and thunder slacked off, she headed back upstairs.

(I originally posted this with the wrong date; now reposting it with correct date. Apologies if that messes up anyone's feeds.)

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