Acadia photos: places and whales

I've now posted a bunch of photos of the Acadia trip, including a dozen photos of whales.

I'm trying out the MobileMe photo gallery system. I like the look of it a fair bit, and the integration with iPhoto, and the ability to download an entire album. I'm less thrilled with there not being a way for people to leave comments (as far as I can tell), and I'm not certain I'm going to maintain my MobileMe membership longterm; my usual photo-hosting site, Picasa Web Albums, is much cheaper (and free for smaller amounts of storage). But I figured it was worth trying out MobileMe, since I'm paying for a membership anyway.

(If you haven't seen the MobileMe interface before, be sure to check out my main gallery page, where you can slide the mouse pointer across the gallery image to get a quick preview of all the photos in the gallery; a nifty effect.)

This set of photos contains no people; I decided to post the people photos in a separate private album. Perhaps I'll ask the people in that album if they'd mind my posting their photos publicly. (But don't worry, I won't post any publicly without permission.)

I didn't do a lot of filtering/choosing of these—these are about a fifth of all the photos I took. I also didn't do any editing, except for slightly rotating one lighthouse photo.

This set doesn't contain any of the whale videos I took. I've been editing those together using iMovie; will post somewhere (perhaps YouTube) at such time as I'm done.

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