Items: Babies ‘n’ stuff

There were just barely enough items here to be worth pulling out into a separate entry.

  • New York Times article: "Your Baby Is Smarter Than You Think." Babies understand probability! Among other unlikely-sounding but apparently true results of studies.
  • Times blog entry: "Is Breastfeeding the New Vacuum Cleaner?", discussing Atlantic article "The Case Against Breast-Feeding."
  • Times article on birth order. Sample quotes: "[B]irth order can be used to explain every trait and its precise opposite." • "Too many parents are haunted by experiences both good and bad that they identify with their birth order." • "Birth order doesn't cause anything[....] It's simply a proxy for the actual mechanisms that go on in family dynamics that shape character and personality." • "Child and family dynamics is like a chessboard; birth order is like a knight."

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