Writing progress

Sat in a cafe with Mary Anne and wrote for a couple hours yesterday.

On the way there, I was listening to iPhone music in the car, and a John McCutcheon song I particularly like came on: “Calling All the Children Home.” Somehow it got me all teary. And then a few minutes later I sat down in the cafe and opened up my story document in Scrivener and was reminded that my working title for the book-or-whatever is the title of the song. A nice coincidence.

I ended up writing over 2200 words, including a semi-climactic scene that I've been balking at for many months, plus some notes. Really nice to get back to this; I think the last time I worked on it was in Chicago in September.

And I think there's only one scene (the denouement) that I haven't even started writing yet. With that plus half a dozen scenes that I've started but haven't finished, I'm thinking another 3000 words or so might actually get me to a complete first draft, clocking in at somewhere around 35,000 words.

Then, of course, I need to do a heavy revision, adding a lot of nuance and cultural stuff and character stuff that didn't make it into this draft. I'm guessing that'll push it over the 40k line, and that's probably word-processor count instead of printer's-rule count so it's probably actually noticeably longer. So I'll still need to decide whether to cut it down to a novella or expand it into a novel. So that's still kind of discouraging.

But still, I'm glad to have made some progress on it.

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