Vote in the SH reader poll!

The Strange Horizons reader poll closes on Sunday (today or tomorrow, depending on where you are). Stop by and vote for your favorite stories, poems, articles, and reviewers that we published last year!

Note that it closes at the end of the day GMT, which is to say about eighteen hours from now as I write this.

[Added later: Sadly, columns are not included in the poll, because there were too few columns in 2010. I'm hoping columns will be included in the 2011 poll.]

2 Responses to “Vote in the SH reader poll!”

  1. Karen Healey

    What, no columns love? DISAPPOINT.

  2. Jed

    Yeah, I was sorry to see that. But there were only about twenty columns in 2010, and I think Niall felt that that was too few for a poll that picks the top five items in each category. My understanding is that Niall is hoping to put together a full rotation of columnists for 2011, so I’m hoping that next year columns will be included in the poll.

    I’ll add a note to this effect to my entry. Wrote it in haste while very sleepy.


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