SFWA qualifying markets list: now with links to guidelines

There've been a couple of times in the past few months when I've wanted to research various things about the magazines on SFWA's qualifying short-fiction venues list. Each time, I've had to go look up each magazine's website and navigate around until I found their submission guidelines, which sometimes are pretty well hidden.

So back in early January, I took a break between magazine tasks to put together a list of links to guidelines.

And with Mary R K's help, those links have now been added to SFWA's list. So anytime you want to compare the guidelines of the various SFWA-qualifying magazines, you can now just follow links from the SFWA page.

We also made some other small changes to the list's presentation, most notably incorporating the short list of known-to-qualify non-genre magazines into the full list. (There've always been a couple of non-genre magazines on the list, and the distinction can be a pretty fuzzy one anyway in some cases; seemed simplest to stop making that distinction.)

My next mini-project using the guidelines was going to be comparing pay rates at various lengths. I started compiling info in the form of a spreadsheet showing the total payment for each venue at a variety of specific lengths; it was pretty interesting as far as I got, but I decided to wait to post it ’til I have more data, and then I set that project aside and haven't gotten back to it. If someone else would like to pick it up, lemme know and I'll give you my data—or you can get it from the guidelines links, as I did.

(Wrote this in early January, didn't get around to posting it until now.)

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