Interim WorldCon report

I'm on a panel in seven hours, so this is not going to be much of a report. Especially because attempting to list everything I've done and seen and been to in the past two days would take hours. But I'm wide awake after a brisk walk back to the hotel from the convention center, so I may as well do a quick con-so-far writeup.

Short version:

  • Reno is disconcerting. Flash and glitz, and disorienting casino floors, and heat, and huge hotel/resorts.
  • Spending time with a nice mix of old friends (including one I've known since about 1984) and new.
  • Attending a bunch of readings and panels. Usually going to a half-hour reading and then the second half of the 50ish-minute panel in that hour. I've liked all the readings (will mention a couple below) and most of the panels.
  • It occurred to me a couple of times that I'm finding the politics of some of the panels less problematic than has sometimes been true at past WorldCons. Over dinner, various people mentioned that they had attended no conventions other than WisCon for the first few years of their con-going. And some of those people are now on WorldCon panels. So I suspect that part of what I'm seeing is more WisConites on WorldCon panels.
  • There was a gender panel on Thursday; a pretty good one. There is another gender panel (that I'm on) on Saturday. The titles and panelists are different, but the descriptions are mostly word-for-word identical. Odd. But I'm pretty sure we'll cover fairly different ground than they did.
  • My earliest exposure to filk, I think, was the Off Centaur sampler tape, Quarks & Quests, which included Kathy Mar's song “Flowers for Algernon.” (Which may've been my favorite song from that tape, though there were also others I liked a lot.) I probably first heard it sometime around 1984. Yesterday, I attended part of Kathy Mar's concert, and she performed that song again (among others). Neat sense of continuity, after all these years.
  • I got one of the thrift-store Hawaiian shirts that Diana was giving out to celebrate World Jay (Lake) Day. It went well; a crowd of Hawaiian-shirted well-wishers greeted Jay in the dealer's room. And, rather to my surprise, a couple of people told me that the Hawaiian shirt looked good on me.
  • I'm not normally a fan of epic fantasy, especially when it's a series, but I quite liked Daniel Abraham's reading of the opening of The Dragon's Path.
  • Had a good time at the Regency waltz class, though my waltzing is a bit rusty (and was never that great).
  • Various people have been recommending Jo Walton's Among Others. After hearing her read a piece from it, I bought the ebook.
  • Much of the con has been gratifyingly ego-boosting, from writers telling me how much they've liked my edits to people casually mentioning SH as being among their favorite magazines.
  • Attended Mary Robinette Kowal(et alia)'s excellent puppet show. Good stuff. Especially the xylophones.
  • Didn't manage to briefly stop by the Masquerade or the Regency Ball to look at costumes (as I had planned to do). Ah, well.
  • Had a good time chatting with various people, too many to list by name, in line for the puppet show, and at dinner afterward, and for a couple hours sitting outside the bar after it closed.

Tomorrow, am on two consecutive panels, then likely attending panels for much of the rest of the day, then Hugos in the evening. Sunday, one last panel before I head home.

And for now, sleep, if I can manage it.

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