Writing advice of the day

This morning's net-browsing brings two sources of advice for writers (and, probably, other creators) that I thought were worth linking to:

  • Cassie Alexander has been posting a series of blog entries collectively titled How to Write a Book in Six Months. (It's an ongoing series; that page lists everything posted so far under that heading, with the oldest entry at the end of the page and the newest at the top.) I thought her entry on protecting your time was particularly interesting, though as she explicitly says at the beginning, not for everyone.
  • The song “Die Vampire Die” from the musical [title of show]. Definitely NSFW. Scroll down from video to see lyrics. I find a couple bits annoying (such as a touch of fatphobia in the middle), but overall a fun song, and may be inspirational for people struggling with creative work. (Via a certain MG author who would probably not want her name publicly linked to this.)

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