Self-reliant kids

An exchange between Karen and Jeremiah reminded me of this line:

You bring up your children to be self-reliant and independent and they double-cross you and become self-reliant and independent.

—Robert Cormier, “A Bad Time for Fathers”

I'm posting it here because when I went looking for it to get it right, the Commonplace Book category of my blog was the first place I looked, but it wasn't here. Eventually, some Googling led me to it (it can be hard to find a quote that contains a bunch of common words, when you've misremembered at least one of them); and then I discovered that it was in my old quotations file all along. There's a bunch of good stuff in that file; some day I'll post it.

But for now, just posting this one, so that I can find it next time I look, and as a reminder to myself to look for this sort of thing in the quotes file.

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