Neuter panel at WisCon?

It occurred to me a while back that I don't remember having seen a panel at WisCon specifically about neuter characters in sf. (Though we've certainly had more-general panels that have touched on neuter stuff.)

Do any of y'all know if there's been such a panel?

If not, I'd like to propose one (and the window for suggesting programming ideas for this year is closing imminently, so I have to do this soon if I'm going to), but I'm having a hard time putting together a panel description that adequately summarizes the vague and ill-formed thoughts in my head.

I want to say something like “Discuss neuter characters in sf. How do or don't they explore and expand our ideas of gender? Remember that neuter doesn't mean the same thing as asexual, androgynous, or hermaphrodite.” But I sort of feel like panel descriptions should, to be useful and interesting, say more than just “discuss this topic.” I started to specifically mention certain common attributes of neuter sf characters, as a starting point for discussion, but I bogged down quickly in trying to make generalizations about too small a sample space.

So I figured I would turn to the Internet. Any suggestions on things that such a panel could address?

One Response to “Neuter panel at WisCon?”

  1. amysmift

    When in doubt, change over time? (Like was there a time when more/fewer such characters were being written, perhaps in response to something?)


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