Missed the Hugo nominating period

Way back in January, I got email from the Hugo administrators saying that nominations would close on March 31. (It's quite unambiguous: “Nominations close on Saturday, March 31th, 2012, 23:59 PDT (Sunday, April 1, 06:59 UTC/GMT).”) I put that date in my calendar and set the task aside to deal with later.

I just found out that (a) nominations actually closed on March 11, and (b) there was a followup email about the change of date, but I never received it.

A friend has forwarded a followup email from February with subject line “2012 Hugo Nominations Deadline Less than a Month Away” that says “Nominations close on Sunday, March 11th, 2012, 23:59 PDT (Monday, March 12, 06:59 UTC/GMT).” But I never received that forwarded email. I've done a thorough search of my email, and there's no sign of it at all. The last thing I received from the Hugo folks was that note in January.

I've now seen a couple of blog entries from various people on March 11 saying that nominations were closing that day. I don't know what I was doing that day, but apparently I wasn't reading the right venues online, 'cause I didn't see any of the reminders about it. (Thanks, though, to those who tried to remind people about it!)

First time in years that I've missed nominating. Feh. I'm really upset about this.

I also managed to fail to do various related things I had intended to a couple months ago, like suggesting that people nominate Darths & Droids, which completed a major milestone in its storyline last year (got through the third movie of the prequel trilogy), and making sure that new SH authors got onto the list of Campbell-eligible authors. Both of those failures are frustrating, but they're both my fault; doing them today wouldn't have been so helpful (given the number of people who would already have been done nominating) even if the nomination deadline hadn't changed.

But the change of Hugo closing date is even more frustrating, in a different way, because I had no way of knowing about it. I imagine the Hugo administrators did the best they could, sending out emails and such, and I imagine it was probably publicized in the usual kinds of places. But it would never have occurred to me that the date would change (much less that it would change to three weeks earlier), so I would never have gone looking to make sure it hadn't changed.

Feh again. I suppose most of my would-have-been nominees probably either are shoo-ins for the ballot or have no chance. But I still would've liked to get to nominate.

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  1. amysmift

    Ugh, how annoying!

    You could post your nominating list to SFDT, and then at least it would be useful for something (raising awareness of those stories…)


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