Birthday week definitely improving

Some good things from today:

  • People sent me happy birthdays on Facebook and in email all day. A steady stream of little jolts of happiness. Thank you all!
  • Had a nice chat with Mary Anne after a few days of out-of-sync timing preventing calls.
  • Just as I was starting the last documentation review of the week, the one that I was expecting to have to spend all day on, I found out that the launch had been postponed and I could wait ’til next week to do the review.
  • Which left me with enough time to get through a dozen or more long-delayed to-do items that I hadn't thought I would have time to do before the end of the quarter.
  • The sun was more or less out for some of the day, after a few days of rain and gloomy overcast.
  • I made it to the post office in time to mail a package that I'd been meaning to mail for a couple days.
  • When I got home, there was a paper card from one of my nieces (who, I hear, cleverly used my birthday as a justification for eating cupcakes—nicely done!) and her parents, and an electronic card from my other niece and her parents.
  • Ended up having a late dinner with N, who happened to suggest dinner without even knowing it was my birthday; I had made no other plans due to working late, but we were both working late, so it worked out nicely.
  • Got to read the first few chapters of The Thirteen Clocks aloud. I've been really pleased to get chances to read various of my childhood-favorite books aloud to friends lately. (Although sad that said books are too often rather short on female characters, sigh.)
  • Read and enjoyed more bits of A Civil Contract while walking from place to place and waiting in various lines. Also, listened to music I like while driving to and from work.

So all in all, today was a pretty good day. Thanks to everyone who helped make that happen!

One Response to “Birthday week definitely improving”

  1. textjunkie

    whoopsie!! Continued Happy Birthday wishes!! 😉
    Yay for 13 Clocks and A Civil Contract! (though I always find that last one a bit glumly stoic, aka “mature”; but the contrast with 13 Clocks is good for a few moments’ thought. 😉


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