Happy equinox!

Only six more months until the days (in the Northern hemisphere) start to get longer again!

(Added later: My phrasing confused people, so I'm adding a note to clarify that I meant that days will start getting longer than they are now. In other words, for the next six months, days will be shorter than they currently are, and I already consider them to be too short; so I'm looking forward to the time, six months from now, when the days once again start getting longer than they are now.)

2 Responses to “Happy equinox!”

  1. wild-irises

    Actually, three.

    The days start getting shorter at the solstice in June, start getting longer at the solstice in December. This is the half-way point.

    Admittedly, it may feel like the days are getting shorter for six months (especially with the end of Daylight Savings Time or Summer Time in those places that do such a thing), but actually, the solstices are the pivots.

    • Jed

      I think my phrasing was confusing, ’cause multiple people pointed out the solstice thing. What I meant was that in six months, the days will start getting longer than they are now. Sorry for the confusion.


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