2012 SH novelettes and short stories

It can be hard for people to figure out which stories at SH were novelettes (>7500 words) and which were short stories (<7500 words). So in case anyone's wondering, this entry shows which is which.

Here are the novelettes from 2012 (in alphabetical order by title):

Aftermath, by Joy Kennedy-O'Neill (2/6/12)

The Grinnell Method, by Molly Gloss (9/3/12)

In the Library of Souls, by Jennifer Mason-Black (10/1/12)

The Keats Variation, by K. M. Ferebee (6/4/12)

And here are the short stories:

America Thief, by Alter S. Reiss (12/3/12)

Area 54, by Hunter Liguore (4/2/12)

The Bear with the Quantum Heart, by Renee Carter Hall (8/20/12)

Beneath Impossible Circumstances, by Andrea Kneeland (4/16/12)

Beside Calais, by Samantha Henderson (5/14/12)

Bright Lights, by Robert Reed (5/7/12)

The Chastisement of Your Peace, by Tracy Canfield (1/30/12)

Comes the Huntsman, by Rachael Acks (7/2/12)

Elsewhere, by Benjamin Rosenbaum (6/18/12)

Feed Me the Bones of Our Saints, by Alex Dally MacFarlane (7/9/12)

Four Kinds of Cargo, by Leonard Richardson (11/5/12)

The Fourth Exam, by Dorothy Yarros (9/17/12)

Good Hunting, by Ken Liu (10/9/12)

The Hateful Brilliance of His Eyes, by Alec Austin (11/19/12)

He Reminds Us, by Jennifer Linnaea (11/12/12)

Household Management, by Ellen Klages (11/2/12)

In the Cold, by Kelly Jennings (1/9/12)

The Lord of Discarded Things, by Lavie Tidhar (10/15/12)

MonitorBot and the King of Pop, by Jessica Barber (1/2/12)

My Dignity in Scars, by Cory Skerry (3/12/12)

Nightfall in the Scent Garden, by Claire Humphrey (3/5/12)

Over the Waves, by Louise Hughes (8/13/12)

Recognizing Gabe: un cuento de hadas, by Alberto Yáñez (1/16/12)

Things Greater than Love, by Kate Bachus (3/19/12)

Tiger Stripes, by Nghi Vo (5/21/12)

Tornado's Siren, by Brooke Bolander (2/20/12)

Wing, by Amal El-Mohtar (12/17/12)

Zero Bar, by Tom Greene (8/6/12)

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