Marriage equality watch: Hawai‘i

Hawai‘i is getting closer to marriage equality. Today's second-round vote passed 30 to 18. Final House vote expected this Friday (approval expected, I think); then back to Senate for approval (also expected); then to Governor Neil Abercrombie, who's a strong supporter and will presumably sign it.

It's not a done deal—the opposition has been exceedingly vocal, with very loud demonstrations outside, and thousands of people giving opposition testimony, and a bunch of opposition representatives doing everything possible to insert frustrating delays into the process (many many rounds of stuff like: twenty years isn't long enough to debate this topic! let the people vote! let's hear more commentary! some religious people might get upset that they won't be able to discriminate! queers are evil!). But my impression is that the chances are pretty good at this point.

So if Governor Quinn in Illinois doesn't move fast to schedule his signing ceremony, Hawai‘i could become the 15th marriage equality state, and push Illinois to 16th!

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