Please attend today’s Business Meeting at Worldcon

If you're at Worldcon and you care about the Hugos, please come to the WSFS Business Meetings; the first one starts this morning at 10 am, an hour from now, in Convention Center Room 300B.

I've never attended a WSFS Business Meeting, but I'm going to this year, and if you're here and you care about the Hugos, you should too. Here's why:

  1. There are several proposals that may have a big impact on future Hugos. In particular, there are a couple of proposals that attempt to prevent future slate voting.
  2. Every Attending Member gets a vote, but you have to be there in person to vote.
  3. Business meetings regularly quash new proposals via something called Objection to Consideration; if 3/4 of those in attendance vote not to consider something, then it doesn't even get discussed.
  4. Nobody knows whether there will be a bunch of Puppies-slate supporters in attendance or not. If there are, presumably they will vote OTC for anything that tries to prevent slate voting.
  5. A given item has to be approved at two consecutive Worldcons. If a measure gets killed this year, then the earliest it can be approved is two years from now, more likely three.

Kevin Standlee's writeup of how Business Meetings work is very much worth reading.

Cheryl Morgan recently posted some discussion of and recommendations about the proposals that we'll be considering this year. Also a followup post changing her recommendation of one of them.

(I disagree slightly with a couple of Cheryl's comments, but worth reading regardless. I don't have time to say more right now; gotta get moving if I want to be at today's meeting.)

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