Remaining free books: mass-market paperbacks

The book giveaway has been a success so far; out of the 400+ books I started with, 150+ have now been claimed. But that means that there are still 250 books looking for good homes.

So I'm doing two last posts: one listing all the remaining mass-market paperbacks (this post), and one listing all the remaining trade paperbacks and hardcovers (next post).

Each batch below has a link to the original post in case you want to see a picture of the covers or spines.

As usual, anything crossed out below has been claimed.

Batch 1: Abe to Capek

  • Kōbō Abe: The Woman in the Dunes
  • Poul Anderson: Homeward and Beyond
  • Isaac Asimov, ed.: Flying Saucers
  • James Baen, ed.: Destinies, Nov.-Dec. '78, Vol. 1, No. 1
  • James Baen, ed.: Destinies, Jan.-Feb. '79, Vol. 1, No. 2
  • James Baen, ed.: Destinies, Apr.-Jun. '79, Vol. 1, No. 3
  • James Baen, ed.: Destinies, Oct.-Dec. '79, Vol. 1, No. 5
  • James Baen, ed.: Destinies, Oct.-Dec. '79, Vol. 1, No. 5 (copy 2)
  • James Baen, ed.: Destinies, Spring 1980, Vol. 2, No. 2
  • James Baen, ed.: Destinies, Summer 1980, Vol. 2, No. 3
  • James Baen, ed.: Destinies, Summer 1980, Vol. 2, No. 3 (copy 2)
  • James Baen, ed.: Destinies, Winter 1981, Vol. 3, No. 1
  • Jim Baen, ed.: New Destinies, Volume 4
  • Jim Baen, ed.: New Destinies, Volume 7
  • Gregory Benford: Great Sky River
  • Ben Bova: As on a Darkling Plain
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley and Deborah J. Ross: The Children of Kings
  • Reginald Bretnor, ed: Science Fiction Today and Tomorrow: A Discursive Symposium
  • John Buchan: Witch Wood
  • Samuel Butler: The Way of All Flesh
  • L. Sprague de Camp: The Continent Makers
  • John W. Campbell, ed.: Analog 6
  • Karel Capek: War with the Newts

Batch 2: Carr to Delany

  • Terry Carr, ed.: The Best Science Fiction of the Year #2
  • Terry Carr, ed.: The Best Science Fiction of the Year #10
  • Terry Carr, ed.: New Worlds of Fantasy #3 (not pictured)
  • Carlos Castaneda: Journey to Ixtlan
  • Carlos Castaneda: The Teachings of Don Juan
  • Arthur C. Clarke: The Nine Billion Names of God (copy 2)
  • David Clement-Davies: Fire Bringer
  • Harlan Coben: Long Lost
  • Groff Conklin, ed.: Science Fiction Terror Tales
  • Edmund Cooper: Deadly Image
  • Milton Crane, ed.: 50 Great American Short Stories
  • Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois, ed.: Dogtales!
  • Ram Dass: Journey of Awakening: A Meditator's Guidebook
  • Lester del Rey: The Scheme of Things
  • Samuel R. Delany: The Ballad of Beta-2
  • Samuel R. Delany: The Ballad of Beta-2 (copy 2)

Batch 3: Dick

  • Philip K. Dick: Dr. Bloodmoney (copy 2)
  • Philip K. Dick: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (copy 3)

Batch 4: Disch to Harrison

  • Thomas M. Disch: On Wings of Song
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes
  • E. R. Eddison: The Worm Ouroboros
  • G. C. Edmondson: The Man Who Corrupted Earth
  • George Alec Effinger: Planet of the Apes #2: Escape to Tomorrow
  • Ilya Ehrenburg: The Second Day (in English, but published in the USSR, where I bought it)
  • Nancy Farmer: The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm
  • Philip Jose Farmer: The Gate of Time
  • C. S. Friedman: In Conquest Born
  • Edmund Fuller: 2500 Anecdotes for All Occasions
  • George Gamow: One Two Three ... Infinity
  • George Gamow: One Two Three ... Infinity (copy 2)
  • William Golding, John Wyndham, and Mervyn Peake: Sometime, Never
  • Ron Goulart: After Things Fell Apart
  • Edith Hamilton: Mythology
  • Edmond Hamilton: Battle for the Stars
  • Edmond Hamilton: Doom Star
  • Edmond Hamilton: Planets in Peril
  • Edmond Hamilton: The Valley of Creation
  • Laurell K. Hamilton: Blue Moon
  • Dashiell Hammett: The Maltese Falcon
  • Thomas Harris: The Silence of the Lambs
  • Harry Harrison and Brian W. Aldiss, ed: Best SF: 1971

Batch 5: Heller to Marx

  • Joseph Heller: Something Happened
  • Frank Herbert: Dune
  • Frank Herbert: Chapterhouse: Dune
  • Hermann Hesse: Magister Ludi
  • Hermann Hesse: Steppenwolf
  • James E. Higgins: Beyond Words: Mystical Fancy in Children's Literature
  • James P. Hogan: Code of the Lifemaker
  • Robert E. Howard: The Lost Valley of Iskander
  • Eric and Mary Josephson, ed.: Man Alone: Alienation in Modern Society
  • Kay Kenyon: Maximum Ice
  • Ken Kesey: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • Donald Kingsbury: Courtship Rite
  • Michael P. Kube-Mcdowell: Vectors
  • Katherine Kurtz: The Bishop's Heir
  • Keith Laumer: The House in November
  • Keith Laumer: The House in November and The Other Sky
  • Keith Laumer: A Trace of Memory
  • Fritz Leiber: The Sinful Ones
  • Fritz Leiber: Swords and Deviltry
  • Murray Leinster: Space Tug
  • Frank Belknap Long: It Was the Day of the Robot
  • Dick Lupoff and Don Thompson, ed.: All in Color for a Dime
  • Dick Lupoff and Don Thompson, ed.: All in Color for a Dime (copy 2)
  • Groucho Marx and Richard J. Anobile: The Marx Bros. Scrapbook

Batch 6: McCaffrey to Silverberg

  • Anne McCaffrey: Decision at Doona
  • Anne McCaffrey: Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
  • Mona McCormick: The New York Times Guide to Reference Materials
  • H. Warner Munn: Merlin's Ring
  • Andre Norton: Grand Masters' Choice
  • John B. Opdycke: Harper's English Grammar
  • Mervyn Peake: Gormenghast
  • Marge Piercy: Woman on the Edge of Time
  • Frederik Pohl, ed.: The If Reader of Science Fiction
  • Thomas Pynchon: Slow Learner
  • Thomas Pynchon: V
  • Mike Resnick: Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future
  • Kim Stanley Robinson: The Memory of Whiteness
  • Spider Robinson, ed.: The Best of All Possible Worlds
  • O. E. Rolvaag: Giants in the Earth
  • Felicity Savage: Humility Garden
  • James H. Schmitz: Agent of Vega
  • Charles Sheffield: Aftermath
  • Lewis Shiner, ed.: When the Music's Over
  • John Shirley: City Come A-Walkin'
  • Robert Silverberg, ed.: Alpha 4
  • Robert Silverberg: Tom O'Bedlam

Batch 7: Simmons to Tolkien

  • Dan Simmons: Carrion Comfort
  • Suzanne Simmons: Sweetheart, Indiana
  • Clark Ashton Smith: Zothique
  • Cordwainer Smith: The Instrumentality of Mankind
  • Cordwainer Smith: Norstrilia
  • E. E. 'Doc' Smith: The Skylark of Space
  • Norman Spinrad: Agent of Chaos
  • Norman Spinrad: The Iron Dream
  • Norman Spinrad: The Mind Game
  • Norman Spinrad: The Solarians
  • Sean Stewart: Passion Play
  • James Stoddard: The High House
  • William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White: The Elements of Style
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Starshine (copy 2)
  • Theodore Sturgeon: Visions and Venturers (copy 2)
  • Thomas Burnett Swan: Moondust
  • J. R. R. Tolkien: The Tolkien Reader

Batch 8: van Vogt to X-Men

  • A. E. van Vogt: Computer Eye
  • A. E. van Vogt: Future Glitter
  • A. E. van Vogt: Lost: Fifty Suns
  • A. E. van Vogt: Mission: Interplanetary
  • A. E. van Vogt: Null-A Three
  • A. E. van Vogt: Pendulum
  • A. E. van Vogt: The Silkie
  • A. E. van Vogt: Supermind (not pictured)
  • Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea: Leviathan
  • Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea: Leviathan (copy 2)
  • Robert Anton Wilson: Masks of the Illuminati
  • Robin Scott Wilson: Clarion III
  • Gene Wolfe: Castleview
  • Donald A Wollheim: 1972 Annual World's Best SF
  • Keith Woodcott: The Martian Sphinx
  • X-Men: The X-Men: Second Genesis

3 Responses to “Remaining free books: mass-market paperbacks”

  1. mhpmiller

    If they are otherwise unclaimed, I would happily take Zothique (because I probably should have read it by now), The Ballad of Beta-2 (because I definitely should have read more Delany by now), Chapterhouse: Dune (because I have been making my way through the rest of the Dune books on a schedule determined by serendipity and used bookstore stock, a process which pleases me more than the texts themselves), The Second Day (because my mom had a couple random Russian SF anthologies acquired who-knows-where, and this could keep them company), and The War with the Newts (because the week it was mentioned in a presentation about plastics and the normalization of Czechoslovakia).

    • Jed

      Done! And your descriptions of why you wanted each one made me smile.

      (I’m obliquely reminded that when I first encountered the title of Chapterhouse: Dune, I thought it was a joke about the very large number of book chapters about Dune that had been written. 🙂 )

      • mhpmiller

        I’m glad.

        Though I was aware of “more Dune books,” I don’t remember the title sinking in until I was old enough to associate colons with academic titles, often with time periods designated.


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