Old review resurfaces

I recently read Voice, the latest completed volume of Carla Speed McNeil's excellent sf comic book Finder. This storyline is about Rachel Grosvenor (one of the kids from the first storyline) participating in her clan's “conformation competition.”

I liked it quite a bit—it's my favorite Finder storyline in a while—but that's not what this entry is about.

When I finished the volume, I glanced at the back of it, and saw this in big letters at the top of the back cover:

“Finder is, bar none, the best sf comic being published today”

Strange Horizons

And I thought, hey, cool, they're quoting us!

And then I thought, huh, that phrasing sounds really familiar.

And I checked, and sure enough, it's a quote from the review that I wrote in 2001 of the first storyline in the series, Sin-Eater.

And a little later, I wandered over to the comic's website, and found the same quote at the top of the page there.

I'm inordinately pleased.

(I wrote this entry in January 2012, but never posted it. The comic's website has changed since then, so I've now removed the link to that.)

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