Dragon Award deadline impending

Dragon Con is running an award this year, the Dragon Award. They had a nominations phase that's now over; voting on the final ballot is due Thursday, September 1, one week from today.

Anyone can vote, for free. To sign up, you go to their page, and you tell them your email address; they send you a verification email; you verify; they eventually send you a link to an online ballot. (It took 36 hours between my verifying my email address and their sending me a link to the ballot.)

It seems weird to me that they don't post the list of finalists publicly. Various sites have published it; see, for example, The Verge. The list is an odd and interesting mix of stuff: some Puppy-connected works, some not, a fair number I've never heard of.

(Note that Scalzi explicitly asks that people not vote for his novel, because he announced, before the Dragon Award existed, that he was withdrawing all of his 2015-dated work from awards consideration.)

You get only one vote in each of the fifteen categories.

Note that the FAQ for potential nominees explicitly says “the Dragon Awards are a fan choice, and it is perfectly acceptable for you to encourage your fans to vote for you.”

(See also Facebook thread for this post.)

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