Lois Beckett on effective gun control measures

I found this gun-control segment on The Takeaway yesterday useful.

Lois Beckett, senior reporter for The Guardian US covering guns and gun violence, discusses a number of different gun control proposals, their viability, what they could accomplish, and how much they may actually address America's problem with gun violence.

If I understood right, she said that the proposal which seems to have the best intersection of popular support and evidence that it works is a system whereby someone’s gun rights can be temporarily taken away by a court if they appear to be a danger to themselves or others. I had never heard of this idea before and it wasn’t clear to me what the evidence was that supported it, but even so, I thought it was an interesting approach.

Anyway, I found the report worth listening to. Unfortunately I’m not finding a text transcript.

…I should note that some of the gun-control-proponent commenters say that Beckett was way offbase, so I may have been misled by own ignorance on the issue, dunno.

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