Yo progreso

My progress in Spanish in Duolingo continues to be slow, largely because every now and then I stop for a couple of months and then I have to go back and re-do a bunch of lessons.

But one nice side effect of the repetition is that when I re-do older lessons these days, I’m a lot better at them. I’m still very far from fluent, but all the repetition seems to have seeped partway into the subconscious pattern-matching part of my brain, so there are a growing number of words and conjugation-patterns and such that I no longer have to think consciously about. It’s not quite being able to think in Spanish, but it nonetheless feels to me more like “I know what that word means” than like “I know the English translation for that Spanish word.”

Also, once in a while these days I read or hear a Spanish phrase or sentence that I can understand outside of Duolingo, and that feels really nice.

Progress. Slow progress, but progress.

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