Dream: Music-player glitches

This morning’s real-seeming dream:

I was riding on a bus that had the ability to play a passenger’s music over its sound system. I accidentally tapped the wrong button on my phone (or maybe my laptop), and one of my music playlists started playing for all the other passengers to hear. Embarrassed, I tried to get it to stop, but I couldn’t. I tried all sorts of things, but nothing worked—everything I did just made it skip to another song. I tried turning off WiFi and Bluetooth, but they wouldn’t turn off. I tried rebooting the device, but it wouldn’t shut down.

The only good part of the dream was that the two young men standing nearby, who I had initially assumed were laughing at me for my taste in music and/or my ineptitude, turned out to be sympathetic as they saw that I was frantically trying to get it to stop.

Oh, and I guess the other good part was that there was nothing really embarrassing in the playlist—no voice memos or anything like that.

One Response to “Dream: Music-player glitches”

  1. Jacob

    The comedian Cameron Diaz (of whom I am a fan) tells a (purportedly true) story of getting into an Uber which was set up to autoplay the passenger’s music via Bluetooth. She had one album on her phone — her own album, which opens, naturally, with her being introduced. So she got into the car, and the speakers played “Ladies and Gentlemen… Cameron Diaz!!!”.

    I would like this as an option wherever I go, please.


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