Free books!

Books! Free to a good home. Let me know if you want any of these.

Priority given to locals and to others who I’ll see in person soon (at WisCon or at Swarthmore Alumni Weekend, for example), and to people in the US (for ease of mailing).

Haven’t managed to take photos of these, sorry.

About 200 books here. Alphabetized by author’s or editor’s last name (or by relevant magazine title). “MMPB” means “mass market paperback.” Most of the books on the list are in fair to good condition, but some have soot-damaged covers. If you want more info about any of them, just ask.

I’ll edit this post to cross out or otherwise remove items as they’re claimed.

Links to ISFDB aren’t necessarily to the right edition; cover art for these books may be very different from what ISFDB shows.

Note: Some of the book titles listed here are NSFW. I’ve rot-13ed those titles. Some of the content of some of the books is also NSFW, but I haven’t marked those books.


The Making of Kubrick's 2001, by Jerome Agel (MMPB)
The Dancer from Atlantis, by Poul Anderson (Hardcover)
The Day the Sun Stood Still (no editor credited) (Hardcover)
Three novellas, by Poul Anderson, Robert Silverberg, and Gordon R. Dickson.
The X President, by Philip E. Baruth (Trade Paperback)
Advance Reading Copy.
The Decorative Twenties, by Martin Battersby (Hardcover)
Great Sky River, by Gregory Benford (Hardcover)
Great Sky River, by Gregory Benford (MMPB)
Space by the Tale, by Jerome Bixby (MMPB)
Bixby was the author of the short story “It's a Good Life” and the ST:TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror,” among other things. But this collection doesn’t include his best-known works.
Nebula Award Stories Five, ed. James Blish (MMPB)
Harlan Ellison, Le Guin, Silverberg, Niven, Delany, Sturgeon.
The Starcrossed, by Ben Bova (MMPB)
Science Fiction Today and Tomorrow: A Discursive Symposium, ed. Reginald Bretnor (MMPB)
Essays. (No fiction in this.)
Orfg Nzrevpna Rebgvpn 1995, ed. Susie Bright (Hardcover)
Britannica Book of the Year: 1969 (Hardcover)
MacPerl: Power and Ease, by Vicki Brown and Chris Nandor (Trade Paperback)
New Writings in SF 6, ed. John Carnell (MMPB)
Earthlight, by Arthur C. Clarke (MMPB)
The City, 2000 A.D., ed. Ralph S Clem (MMPB)
Gernsback, Kuttner/Moore, Sheckley, Ballard, Aldiss, et al.
12 Great Classics of Science Fiction, ed. Groff Conklin (MMPB)
Fredric Brown, Zenna Henderson, Cordwainer Smith, et al.
13 Great Stories of Science Fiction, ed. Groff Conklin (MMPB)
Wyndham, Knight, Sturgeon, et al.
Selected Stories from Science-Fiction Adventures in Mutation, ed. Groff Conklin (MMPB)
Blish, Fredric Brown, Sturgeon, et al.
Deadly Image, by Edmund Cooper (MMPB)
8 Plus 1, by Robert Cormier (MMPB)
Short stories by the author of I Am the Cheese and The Chocolate War.
How Two Gerbils, Twenty Goldfish, Two Hundred Games, Two Thousand Books, and I Taught Them How to Read, by Steven Daniels (Trade Paperback)
In the Field of Fire, ed. Jack Van Buren Dann and Jack Dann (Trade Paperback)
Vietnam-War-related stories by Kim Stanley Robinson, Lucius Shepard, Karen Joy Fowler, Wilhelm, Bova, Kessel, Harlan Ellison, et al. (Mostly white American authors.)
The Continent Makers, by L. Sprague de Camp (MMPB)
On Wings of Song, by Thomas M. Disch (MMPB)
Frkhny Frpergf: Gur Nypurzl bs Rpfgnfl, by Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger (Trade Paperback)
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Philosophic and Practical Basis of the Religion of the Aquarian Age of the World and of the Church Universal, by Levi H. Dowling (Hardcover)
A Fish Dinner in Memison, by E. R. Eddison (MMPB)
The Other Side of Tomorrow, ed. Roger Elwood (MMPB)
Brackett, Eklund, Scortia, et al.
The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, by Nancy Farmer (MMPB)
Shpx, Lrf!, by Wing F Fing (Trade Paperback)
The Night People, by Jack Finney (Hardcover)
Science and Sorcery, ed. Garret Ford (MMPB)
Cordwainer Smith, Asimov, Bradbury, et al.
Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret Annex, by Anne Frank (MMPB)
In Conquest Born, by C. S. Friedman (MMPB)
Queen City Jazz, by Kathleen Ann Goonan (MMPB)
After Things Fell Apart, by Ron Goulart (MMPB) (copy 1)
After Things Fell Apart, by Ron Goulart (MMPB) (copy 2)
The Golden Age, by Kenneth Grahame (Hardcover)
A “collection of reminiscences of childhood” (quoting Wikipedia) by the author of The Wind in the Willows.
Saraband of Lost Time, by Richard S. Grant (MMPB)
Znl Jr Obeebj Lbhe Uhfonaq? Naq Bgure Pbzrqvrf bs gur Frkhny Yvsr, by Graham Greene (MMPB)
There Is No Darkness, by Joe Haldeman and Jack C. Haldeman II (MMPB)
The Star Kings, by Edmond Hamilton (MMPB)
Blue Moon, by Laurell K. Hamilton (MMPB)
Best SF: 1968, ed. Harry Harrison and Brian W. Aldiss (MMPB)
Sheckley, Asimov, Kit Reed, Lieber, et al.
Best SF: 1971, ed. Harry Harrison and Brian W. Aldiss (MMPB) (copy 1)
Sheckley, Clarke, Barthelme, Disch, Blish, Aldiss, Spinrad, et al.
Best SF: 1971, ed. Harry Harrison and Brian W. Aldiss (MMPB) (copy 2)
The Complete Immortalia, ed. Harold H Hart (Hardcover)
NSFW limericks.
Expanded Universe, by Robert A. Heinlein (MMPB)
Stories and essays.
Code of the Lifemaker, by James P. Hogan (MMPB)
Expecting Someone Taller, by Tom Holt (MMPB)
Masters of Science Fiction, ed. Ivan Howard (MMPB)
Dick, del Rey, Anderson, Pohl, et al.
The Lost Valley of Iskander, by Robert E. Howard (MMPB)
Eyeless in Gaza, by Aldous Huxley (MMPB)
A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving (Hardcover)
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0: At a Glance, by Jerry Joyce and Marianne Moon (Trade Paperback)
The Jungle Books: Volume 1, by Rudyard Kipling (Hardcover)
Vectors, by Michael P. Kube-Mcdowell (MMPB)
Arrows of the Queen, by Mercedes Lackey (MMPB)
Past Master, by R. A. Lafferty (MMPB)
The House in November, by Keith Laumer (MMPB)
The House in November and The Other Sky, by Keith Laumer (MMPB)
The Invaders, by Keith Laumer (MMPB)
The Other Side of Time, by Keith Laumer (Hardcover)
Retief and the Warlords, by Keith Laumer (MMPB)
Retief's Ransom, by Keith Laumer (MMPB)
Retief: Emissary to the Stars, by Keith Laumer (MMPB)
Reward for Retief, by Keith Laumer (MMPB)
Delusion's Master, by Tanith Lee (MMPB)
The Book of Fritz Leiber, by Fritz Leiber (MMPB)
The Green Millennium, by Fritz Leiber (MMPB)
Swords and Deviltry, by Fritz Leiber (MMPB)
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.
Destiny Times Three / Riding the Torch, by Fritz Leiber and Norman Spinrad (MMPB)
Space Tug, by Murray Leinster (MMPB)
On the Intelligentsia, by V. I. Lenin (MMPB)
Bandits, by Elmore Leonard (MMPB)
Sadly unrelated to the movie of the same title.
Bandits, by Elmore Leonard (Hardcover)
Stick, by Elmore Leonard (MMPB)
Touch, by Elmore Leonard (MMPB)
Other Times, Other Worlds, by John D. MacDonald (MMPB)
Sf stories by the author of the Travis McGee mysteries.
The Light Ages, by Ian R. MacLeod (MMPB)
Three Times Infinity, ed. Leo Margulies (MMPB)
Bradbury and Brackett; Sturgeon; Heinlein.
Jack the Bodiless, by Julian May (Hardcover)
Decision at Doona, by Anne McCaffrey (MMPB)
Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, by Marshall McLuhan (MMPB)
Cultural Patterns and Technical Change, by Margaret Mead (MMPB)
The Fires of Spring, by James A. Michener (MMPB)
The Psychology of Play, by Susanna Miller (MMPB)
Easy Travel to Other Planets, by Ted Mooney (MMPB)
The Borzoi College Reader, ed. Charles Muscatine and Melanie Griffith (Hardcover)
Qrygn bs Irahf, by Anaïs Nin (MMPB)
Lucifer's Hammer, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle (MMPB)
Galactic Derelict, by Andre Norton (MMPB)
High Sorcery, by Andre Norton (MMPB)
Perilous Dreams, by Andre Norton (MMPB)
Scene Design and Stage Lighting, by W. Oren Parker and Harvey K. Smith (Hardcover)
Superheroes, ed. Michel Parry (MMPB)
Prose fiction about superheroes, by Bloch, Effinger, Spinrad, et al.
Writer's Guide and Index to English, Fourth Edition, by Porter G Perrin (Hardcover)
The Annals of the Heechee, by Frederik Pohl (Hardcover)
Assignment in Tomorrow, ed. Frederik Pohl (MMPB)
Sturgeon, Kornbluth, Bradbury, del Rey, Bester, Vonnegut, Jack Williamson, Fredric Brown, Farmer, et al. Book is in poor condition, but readable.
Basics, by Tom Powell (Small Paperback)
The Well of the Unicorn, by Fletcher Pratt (MMPB)
Frk-cby, by Wilhelm Reich (MMPB)
Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future, by Mike Resnick (MMPB)
Winning 42: Strategy & Lore of the National Game of Texas, by Dennis Roberson (Trade Paperback)
The Memory of Whiteness, by Kim Stanley Robinson (MMPB)
Late Night VRML 2.0 with Java, by Bernie Roehl, Justin Couch, Cindy Reed-Ballreich, Tim Rohaly, and Geoff Brown (Trade Paperback)
The Drums of Fu Manchu, by Sax Rohmer (MMPB)
Note: Very racist.
Giants in the Earth, by O.E. Rolvaag (MMPB)
The Great Religions by Which Men Live, by Floyd Hiatt Ross (MMPB)
Toast 5 Titanium User's Guide, by Roxio (Trade Paperback)
Machines That Kill, ed. Fred Saberhagen and Martin Greenberg (MMPB)
Sturgeon, Cordwainer Smith, Carol Emshwiller, Zelazny, Dick, Laumer, Saberhagen, et al.
The Shores Beneath, ed. James Sallis (MMPB)
Delany, Zelazny, Sladek, Disch.
City Come A-Walkin’, by John Shirley (MMPB)
Dark Stars, ed. Robert Silverberg (MMPB)
Kornbluth, Lafferty, Aldiss, Brunner, Dick, Harlan Ellison, Ballard, et al.
Carrion Comfort, by Dan Simmons (MMPB)
Sweetheart, Indiana, by Suzanne Simmons (MMPB)
Naqebtlal: Gbjneq n Arj Gurbel bs Frkhnyvgl, by June Singer (MMPB)
About androgyny, from a Jungian perspective, with discussion of masculine and feminine principles and such. Contents aren’t NSFW; I’m just rot-13ing the title out of an abundance of caution because of a word in the subtitle.
Walden Two, by B. F. Skinner (MMPB)
Norstrilia, by Cordwainer Smith (MMPB)
Skylark DuQuesne, by E. E. “Doc” Smith (MMPB)
Skylark Three, by E. E. “Doc” Smith (MMPB)
Skylark of Valeron, by E. E. “Doc” Smith (MMPB)
A Grammar of the Film, by Raymond Spottiswoode (MMPB)
High Weirdness by Mail, by Ivan Stang (Trade Paperback)
The Warlock in Spite of Himself, by Christopher Stasheff (MMPB)
Hard to Be a God, by Boris Strugatski and Arkadi Strugatski (MMPB)
Sturgeon Is Alive and Well…, by Theodore Sturgeon (Hardcover)
Moondust, by Thomas Burnett Swan (MMPB)
Grass, by Sheri S. Tepper (MMPB)
The Steps of the Sun, by Walter Tevis (MMPB)
Tevis is best known as the author of the novel The Man Who Fell to Earth.
The Death of Ivan Ilyich, by Leo Tolstoy (MMPB)
Venus on the Half-Shell, by “Kilgore Trout” (Philip José Farmer) (MMPB)
The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik Van Loon (Hardcover)
Players of Null-A, by A. E. Van Vogt (MMPB)
Renaissance, by A. E. Van Vogt (MMPB)
Vox Compact Spanish and English Dictionary, by Vox (Trade Paperback)
The Maharajah and Other Stories, by T. H. White (MMPB)
Non-Arthurian short stories by the author of The Once and Future King.
The Aims of Education and Other Essays, by Alfred North Whitehead (MMPB)
Nature's God, by Robert Anton Wilson (MMPB)
Wilhelm Reich in Hell, by Robert Anton Wilson (Trade Paperback)
Leviathan, by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea (MMPB)
Third book in the Illuminatus! trilogy.
Clarion III, ed. Robin Scott Wilson (MMPB)
Stories and essays by then-recent Clarion alums and teachers, including Le Guin, Sturgeon, Wilhelm, Knight, and Harlan Ellison.
Castleview, by Gene Wolfe (MMPB)
Nightside the Long Sun, by Gene Wolfe (MMPB)
World's Best Science Fiction: First Series, ed. Donald A. Wollheim and Terry Carr (MMPB)
Bova, Brunner, Dick, Disch, Leiber, et al.
Elvissey, by Jack Womack (MMPB)
Tomorrow!, by Philip Wylie (MMPB)
Chocky, by John Wyndham (MMPB)

Paperback magazines, and books reprinting stories from magazines

Analog 6 (MMPB)
Laumer, Vernor Vinge, Dickson, Bob Shaw, et al.
Beyond (MMPB)
Bradbury, Pohl, Fredric Brown, Sturgeon, et al.
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction And Speculative Fact, Nov./Dec. '78, Vol. 1, No. 1 (MMPB)
Benford, Spider Robinson, Simak, Niven, et al.
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact, Jan.-Feb. '79, Vol. 1, No. 2 (MMPB)
Anderson, Sheckley, Benford, Niven, et al.
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact, April-June '79 Vol. 1 No. 3 (MMPB)
Haldeman, Niven/Pournelle, et al.
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact, Oct.-Dec. '79, Vol. 1, No. 5 (MMPB) (copy 1)
Zelazny, Hogan, Herbert, et al.
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact, Oct.-Dec. '79, Vol. 1, No. 5 (MMPB) (copy 2)
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact, Spring 1980, Vol. 2, No. 2 (MMPB)
Haldeman, Joan Vinge, et al.
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact, Summer 1980, Vol. 2, No. 3 (MMPB) (copy 1)
Barnes/Niven, et al.
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact, Summer 1980, Vol. 2, No. 3 (MMPB) (copy 2)
Destinies: The Paperback Magazine of Science Fiction and Speculative Fact, Winter 1981, Vol. 3, No. 1 (MMPB)
Langford, Drake, et al.
New Destinies, Volume 4 (MMPB)
Anderson, Turtledove, Zahn, et al.
New Destinies, Volume 7 (MMPB)
Anderson, Moon, et al.
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: 14th Series (MMPB)
Zelazny, Kit Reed, Disch, et al.
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: Fourteenth Series (Hardcover)
Mind Partner and 8 other novelets from Galaxy (MMPB)
Cordwainer Smith, Lafferty, Simak, Pohl, et al.
The 6 Fingers of Time (MMPB)
Stories from If, though miscredited as having been published in Galaxy. Lafferty et al.
New World Writing (MMPB)
Paperback magazine of literary fiction (not sf), poetry, and essays. 1952. Includes work by Mailer, Picasso, James Baldwin, Shirley Jackson, Dylan Thomas, Roethke, Auden, Jean Genet, et al.
Stellar #6 (MMPB)
Hogan, McCaffrey, et al.
The Unknown Five (MMPB)
Asimov, Sturgeon, Bester, et al.

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