Several responses to Omelas

“one does not simply walk away from Omelas” (—Frumiosa, in a comment at The Toast)

There’ve been many many nonfiction articles about Omelas, but the pieces that I’m linking to here are all presented as fiction.

A House by the Sea,” by P. H. Lee
What happens to the Omelas child when they get older? “Would you believe me if I told you that they all live together in a house by the sea?” Published in Uncanny’s Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction issue, in 2018.
The Ones Who Take The Train To Omelas,” by John Holbo
Plus Omelas travel posters. (Holbo also provides a page of notes talking about the underpinnings of what he was trying to do here.)
The Ones Who Stay and Fight,” by N. K. Jemisin
Originally published in 2018, in How Long ’Til Black Future Month? (…Not to be confused with the Omelas response piece with nearly the same title that was written by W.S. in 2016.)
Multiple brief takes on Omelas, by Moriwen
No longer available in its original Tumblr location; link is to the Wayback Machine archived version.

One Response to “Several responses to Omelas”

  1. Ken Zimmerman

    A friend shared this on Facebook. Nice post. Thanks for these interesting links. You might enjoy this little fiction I wrote a few years ago called “The Ones Who Walk In”, an homage to LeGuin and her eternal story, Omelas. Cheers. Ken


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