Unread-books update: 250 TPBs/HCs to go

Milestone: I’m now down to 250 unread trade paperbacks and hardcovers.

Which means I’ve reduced that number by 100 since my Facebook progress post almost exactly a year ago, when it was at 350. And during that time, I added about 5 books to the list (a couple that I had neglected to add before, a couple of new ones—almost all of the few books that I buy these days are ebooks, but every now and then I buy a paper book or two), so I read about 105 from the unread list this past year.

All of which means that I’m still on track to finish this phase of the unread-books project in mid- to late-2025.

(As always, I’m skimming a lot of these, and giving up on some of them entirely after the first couple chapters.)

After I finish with these, I’ll move on to the unread ebooks.

(I also read maybe 15 other books this year—some Hugo nominees, a mass-market paperback or two, an ebook or two. But those aren’t included in the numbers above. So the total count of books that I got through this calendar year (so far) is about 120.)

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