Jed’s Future Plans

I expect to live in the Bay Area long-term. It’s the only place I’ve yet found that has weather I can stand year-round, and it feels like home.

I expect to keep writing software documentation indefinitely. I mostly enjoy the work, and am reasonably good at it, and it pays well.

I have ideas for a bunch of fiction-editing projects that I’d like to work on: various themed anthologies, a free online library of classic sf short stories, a collaborative hypertext game/story, and more. All of those will have to wait until I finish departing from Strange Horizons.

I hope and plan to keep writing fiction. Some day maybe I’ll finish the novel-like thing I’ve been working on for some time, and/or various short stories that are in progress.

I have no interest in getting married or in raising kids, but I hope to continue being at least somewhat involved in the lives of various friends’ kids.