Present: Who I am

I’m a writer end editor of software documentation and fiction. I live in a house full of books in Mountain View, California.

My interests include discussing language, playing with words, reading fiction, watching movies, playing games, singing rounds, collecting nifty and fun toys and devices of various sorts, and engaging in airy persiflage.

I have two sweeties: I’ve been with Mary Anne since 1997, and with Kam since sometime in the early 2000s. We’re poly; they know about each other, and they have other involvements of their own.

I have no pets, though Kam’s dog Ruby stays at my place sometimes.

I keep a personal blog (started in 2001) and I co-write a words-and-wordplay blog. I post intermittently to both. I post more often to Facebook. I’m on Mastodon and Twitter, but almost all of my posts there are condensed versions of my FB posts.

I’m the editor-in-chief/publisher/owner of a very small ebook-only small press, Constellation Press, printing or reprinting ebooks of fiction that I love.

Here’s my public key, in the unlikely event that you want to send me PGP-encrypted email.

Some things about me, in no particular order:

  • I’m an introvert. I like people, but after I’ve been around them for a while, I get low on social energy and need quiet solo downtime to recharge.
  • I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t smoke. I drink a little bit of coffee once in a while when I really need to stay awake, but only with a lot of milk and sugar. The only drug I regularly partake of is chocolate.
  • Well, and Lexapro. I take Lexapro for social anxiety.
  • I’m mostly vegetarian. I grew up eating chicken and fish but no red meat; recently, I’ve heavily reduced the amount of chicken and fish I eat. I still eat eggs and dairy, and I still sometimes eat chicken or fish for convenience or when I need extra protein, but mostly vegetarian these days.
  • I don’t cope well with plans changing, unless I know ahead of time that they might change. I particularly don’t cope well with other people unilaterally changing our plans together without telling me.
  • Being funny is important to me. I like making people laugh.
  • Being serious is also important to me. In general, I’m pretty sincere, except when I’m being sarcastic.
  • Kindness is also important to me.
  • I’m almost always willing to answer questions about myself, but am reluctant to volunteer information about myself without being asked.
  • In general, I prefer quietness to loudness. I especially don’t like trying to carry on personal conversations in loud spaces.
  • I’m a native Californian.
  • I’m white, cisgender male, largely non-disabled, well-to-do, bisexual, and agnostic.