Letters from Marcy #5: 8 March 1965

Another postcard. This one had no picture, and no description; just a pre-printed “stamp” and a space for an address on one side, and completely blank on the other. The “picture of ol’ Abe” that Marcy refers to is the 4¢ postage stamp-like picture of Lincoln in the stamp area of the card. The postcard is about the size of a 3x5 index card, and the writing (which covers one entire side of the card) is in portrait orientation, like a shrunk-down sheet of paper, rather than the more usual-for-a-postcard landscape orientation.

I think this is the only mention of Marcy’s father smoking in this entire set of letters. There are a bunch of mentions of his medical issues in other letters, but those seem to be focused specifically on his eyes. He died of lung cancer in 1969.


Too tired to type or write a real letter, so this is just to let you know I’m alive & will write soon-ly. Sorry, didn’t have any pretty pictures lying around, so you’ll have to do with the picture of ol’ Abe on the front. Sorry to hear you had to stop smoking, Daddy. hope you find something near’ as good. —Save any of my salary—? Hah! Not with all this jewelry and suchlike around. —Do you have a recipe for beef stew, and/or Shepherd’s Pie? Saw some most enthralling dances last night (which is why I’m tired). — love M.


Postmarked Keams Canyon, Ariz, Mar 8, 1965. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 3/10/65”

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