Letters from Marcy #6: 11 March 1965

Final letter from Keams Canyon.


                                           [pencil: 3/11/65]


Discovered x why I haven't been able to face the thought of
writing letters...I'm bloody sick of that horrible yellow
paper I've been using. also, the y on this damn typewriter

Daddy, did you ever get the postcard I sent to you in the
hospital? Hope you are at least able to drive by now and can
widen your leisure a bit	and that all's progressing
satisfactorily and so forth.

glad to hear that Aunt Sara and Uncle Dave are finding
something to do that will keep him busy...but what's she
going to do without ORT and all of her friends? and whatever
is 'Stelle going to do? Hinting around to stay with you, I
suppose. Don't weaken!


Rachel, the gal from Goddard, is doing quite well. She's
entertaining me at the moment by practicing her guitar, for
which thank god in this music-less, fm-radio-less place.
She's working exclusively with the boys, and having a much
better deal than I got, with less dirty work and less
frustration. Though things are going better for me, too,
since I realized that if there's something (activity with
the children, etc) that I want to do, I should do it first
and ask permission later..... tonight, we (Rachel and I)
baked peanut butter cookies, with Wesson oil instead of
butter, as we're out of butter and won't get to town till
saturday. She's from Mt. Holly (NJ) and we know several
people and many places in common, so have lots to talk
about.....we're thinking of taking a train trip to the Grand
Canyon next weekend, unless our pal Mrs. Schmidt x comes
through on her offer to drive us there.

I will probably leave here on Friday afternoon Mar. 26, as
we have a ride to Phoenix or Tucson, and take a train from
there. For some reason, it seems that I can make better
connections from Tucson than from here (Winslow) and that
way I can introduce Rachel to my friends in Tucson, so that
if no one comes from Antioch to replace me (which is highly
likely at the moment) she'll have some place to escape to
when Keams Canyon gets unbearable, as it does about every 2
weeks. And I stand a chance of getting a ride to school, if
Rhodes comes home for div change. Have to be back there by
March 30, which is registration day, so will probably get to
Phila the 2nd weekend in April

Imagine me teaching kids to jump rope (double dutch, to be
exact; the thing with two ropes turning at once) and do
acrobatics...! yup. me. and doing exercises every day, too.
how about that? not losing any weight, or even
redistributing it significantly, but still trying to get
into a little better shape. all this is inspired by gettin
the semi-cheerleaders into shape for a performance in
Phoenix next month. Doing lots of exciting art work, too,
with the little girls (60 at once) and learning how to do
string figures (cats cradles) and a little bit of magic....

It snowed today for the first time since the beginning of
february... a messy, muddy, warm, rainy snow...reminded me
of the good ol' late-March winters in the Delaware valley,
and that y'all must still be digging out.

We've actually been listening to the news lately, for
the first time  all quarter, thinking about all the guys I
xxx know who are going to be sent to viet nam if this mess
goes on, and more that are going to be drafted...shiver. and
the girls here are actually interested in what's going on in
Alabama, for which I am delighted. so we try to keep them a
little x better informed than the newspapers, as we get good
radio reception of Monitor (NBC network) from Los Angeles
and some other places.

have to get up early tomorrow, so I think I'd better get to
sleep. Tomorrow I have the enviable job of cataloguing about
a hundred books in the dorm library. gaaak.

this weekend we are going to see some more dances, and I
intend to get my co-op paper written, and it's going to snow
blue x....

take care, see you soon, regards to relatives and such

[handwritten: Love, Marcia]

[handwritten: how is Taffy?]


Postmark: Mar 12, 1965, Keams Canyon, Ariz. Handwritten: “Rec’d this Mon 3/15” and “Ans this 3/16.”

This is the last mention of their dog Taffy.

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