Letters from Marcy #8: 5 June 1965

In this letter, Marcy is preparing for the end of the school year—her junior year at Antioch—and for the summer.

This letter includes the first mention in these letters of Aunt Stelle; I’m still a little vague on who she was, but I remember her name from childhood, and she appears more prominently in later letters. Also the first mention in these letters of a guy that Marcy was seeing; she doesn’t mention his name, and I gather from mention of other (also unnamed) guys in later letters that this one didn’t last long.

And the mention of welding here is mildly amusing because of her mention in another letter years later of Peter being a welder.

These early letters are full of references to various friends; none of them are people I’ve ever heard of. I wonder whether she kept in touch with any of them in later years. I’ve desultorily searched online for a couple of them, but haven’t found much of interest.


                                            [pencil: 6/5/65]


Another quarter draws to a close. Still have tons of work to
do, like 2 xxxxxx sets of papers to mark, and a kiddies art
project to complete (making a papier mache animal and some
other junk) and some reading for another course and a final
or two that won't bother me much. And and and and.....

The quarter is over on Wednesday, the 16th. Graduation is
the 19th, and I intend to stick around till then, as Carolyn
and some of my other dear friends are graduating, and it
ought to be fun. After that, I plan a rather segmented
nearly-two-weeks. I should have my Ohio drivers license by
then; will thus come to Phila and get a Penna license xxxxxx
if I can without turning in the Ohio one. If not, I'll keep
it. On the way to phila, if I can arrange some sort of ride
(which looks pretty feasible) I'd like to stop for a day or
so to see Janie, the gal in Mechanicsburgx who Sally and I
visited once before on the way out to ys. Thence to Phila
for a few days; then NY, to see some people I barely got to
call on my way through that weekend and go to a party for a
bunch of kids who are leaving for Europe for a year and I
probably won't get to see for a good long time, as I'll have
graduated by the time they get back. THENCE have a couple of
invitations to visit various people on Cape Cod....Sally and
some other friends will be up there, probably;.and a
tentatively planned two-or-three-days at a hotel owned by
someone's family (thus free) in upstate New York, depending
on rides and tourist seasons and the like. Then back to
Phila. for another few days, then on to school. starts July
3 or 5 or something but I have to get back early to find a
place to live. I figure x if I get to do about half of all
this I'll have a pretty damn fine time; but that's all the
things I want to do. So far.

Nowthen. In answer to letters: sorry I never got time to dig
out the brownie recipe, but I do thank you for the pretzels
and soforth. the soforth kind of melted, as did the
pretzels, but they were well x worth the trouble of
separating. Also got the check, for which also thanks. If
you'd like to contribute to my trip home I won't mind. Don't
worry about the record; they're always a fur piece behind
themselves; you'll probably start getting it sometime next
year. (ie. summer; academic rather than calendar year...)
Best to Aunt Stelle, if this gets there before she leaves.
wish her a good trip for me, and all that. No idea whatever
who it was that said hello to Daddy; I'm told Carl is
supposed to be in California, and don't really know anyone
else in the city with a very long beard. But then, your
definition of a very long beard is probably about three feet
shorter than mine..... They were right, by the way. It is
like an egg without salt. New minor romance is clean-shaven,
and there's really something missing. Daddy, you should grow
a mustache. Justx to see.....

The workmen building a new dorm directly outside my window
are welding today. Listening to the torch crackle and
smelling ozone...xxxxxxx good way to spend a morning.

Also working hard at the moment on a Benefit Showing of
student films tonight. Benefit of Mike, Mike and Rick, the
film makers. Mike and Rick are driving out to Colorado xx to
camp out over div x change, and the other Mike needs money to
survive next quarter. We figure that at two showings, ca.
100 people each, they ought to get nearly $50 apiece (75¢ a
head; payment in kind--chickens, roasting ears, camera
accessories--accepted in lieu of money) but I guess about
half of that is much more realistic.

Back to the salt mines. see you soon

[handwritten: Love Marcia]


Postmark: Jun 8, 1965, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 6/10” and “Ans. this 6/13/65.”

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