Letters from Marcy #7: 31 March 1965

In this letter, Marcy has returned to Antioch and is getting back into the swing of things at school.


                                            [pencil: 3/31/65]


All sorts of things happening. To begin with, the bill, tra
la, x is enclosed. Otherwise:

strange thing happened while I was sitting in the caf
yesterday morning. Tom Blumenthal (who has grown up a lot,
and is a much more likeable guy) came up to me:

     xx you took Dr. Garn's course a couple of years ago?
     and you got an A in it?
     how would you like to be the assistant for it this quarter?

So I'm Dr. Garn's assistant, marking papers and doing the
reading for Origin and Dispersion of Man--which is still the
best academic course I've had at antioch. officially working
10 hours a week, getting paid some small sum, and really
working more than that. but only taking 13 credits. and
since I put in nearer to 20 hours on Ampac last fall and was
taking 17 credits, I think I'll still have time on my hands.
But it's a great honor to be asked, 'specially since I'm out
of the field, and ought to be fun.

courses I'm taking are: arts and crafts for children (4
credits; an easy and thoroughly delightful play-course,
doing kiddies art projects.), music for children (3 credits;
don't know a thing about it), methods in teaching phys ed
(ditto), and the second half of my split philosophy course.
which will be taught by a really drippy guy, who I can't
stand, and who didn't get his tenure renewed (after 8 years
here) so this is his last quarter and he just isnt even
going to care enough to try. faugh. but the second half is
required if you took the first.

also will be working very hard at Ampac, as the new chairman
needs to have his wonderful, exciting ideas lubricated into
good working order. lots of exciting contemporary
non-professional films, looks like a very stimulating and x
broadening experience.

so far still rooming withxx Sally in this incredible tiny
cramped room, in the upper bunk, which is terribly obnoxious
after having had the damn room as a single before.

have an appointment with eyedoctor tomoro morning, will let
you know what he says.

right now, have to go up to the trunk room and dig out my
old books and other stored junk, and down to the postoffice
to pick up some things I sent myslef from Keams, and off to
see some more people and get some details straightened
out......like whether I can get co-op credit for course

see you soon
          [handwritten: Marcia]


Postmark: Mar 31, 1965, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 4/2.” Also some notes about withdrawing money from a PSFS account (presumably Philadelphia Savings Fund Society), apparently to send to Marcy for things like tuition.

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