Letters from Marcy #22: 18 May 1966

In which Marcy asks for money from her parents, for a long and semi-amusing list of reasons. Also, she’s taking and loving Modern Dance; yet another thing that I had no idea she liked.

“Help, Help! This-here is the classic example of College Student Writing Home For Money, full of flimsy excuses and unavoidable reasons”


                                          [pencil: 5/18/66?]


Help, Help! This-here is the classic example of College
Student Writing Home For Money, full of flimsy excuses and
unavoidable reasons--so:

flimsy excuses:

1) I can't resist making dinner for hungry artists and
starving film-makers and charming historians and stimulating
fellow-ed-majors. [handwritten: & sometimes professors.]

2) I can't stand instant coffee

3) I'm tense about all my work and when I'm tense I eat
more, and more, and more...

4) I splurged and bought a bed board for $6, and the damn
thing creaked too much so now my bed is on the floor anyway.

5) My flashlight broke and the damn cop didn't believe me
and there's a $3. fine for riding a bike without a light at

6) One of the aforementioned irresistible males--the fellow
ed major one, to be exact--took me to dinner in the Inn in
repayal of many dinners here--and I spilled Gravy on Annie's
nicest dress and had to get it cleaned.

unavoidable reasons

1) have to get typewriter cleaned before I start the good
copies of papers--it's about 3 times slower than it could
be....will cost 8 or 10 dollars

2) had to replace exploded bike tire; there are used ones,
h'ray, but cost another $2.

3) the village of yellow springs slips a quarterly sewage
and water and garbage bill into the general utilities thing
when no one's noticing, which is only about $7 per quarter,
but I was budgeted pretty closely and even $2.30
unpreparedly is a sizeable bite.

4) stupidly tripped while carrying Susie's tape recorder
(which I'd been using) and shattered a coupla tubes, which
cost 8.50

5) had to make a couple of trips to the Dayton library, and
generally you have to ether pay or buy lunch or something
for whoever's driving.

i.e., all things considered, I've been making up for lost x
time and not being escpecially frugal, considering that this
is my lastquarter on campus and last of financial
non-independence as well....so. at last, the request:
another $100 would make life for the rest of the quarter
pretty decent; another $50 would just barely cover
essentials; anywhere in between would fall somwehere between
essentiality and decency. for whatever, my thanks.

Are you coming? Have to know when and if, as have to make
hotel or motel reservations, and they're getting scarcer end
scarcer. Far's I can tell, I'll probably be madly busy till
around Thursday, and there won't really be much to to do
till Friday anyway....suggest you get here Friday afternoon,
and plan to stay till Sunday afternoon or, better,
Monday--the area can be exhausted pretty quickly when you
don't enjoy a lot of walking in the woods and there aren't
any classes to go to and everyone is gone.....but let me
know right away, so I can make reservations.

one more problem: I really need those allergy pills--and
by the time you get this and can send some plimacins, I'll
be needing another x bottle of them too. but don't hold up
the ambodryl or anything for them. Can you find out how much
triaminic costs? Suzy lives on them for asthma most of the
time, and is being reduced to x poverty.... doesn't know
what size, but I told her I'd ask you to ask Uncle Izz how
much they would cost in general, anyway x.

The modern dance class gets better and better. I can do all
sorts of things I couldn't before, and feel great all the
time, mostly, though I also ache like hell, but even that
feels good, and am keeping my weight pretty leve1 despite a
heightened food intake, and really excited about how
wonderful it is to be able to move freely. If I had to be x
taking it, I'd resent like anything spending an hour and a
half a day (most weekdays) on such discipline, but being for
no credit, and being just about the only exercise I get,
except bike rides to and from Antioch School, that time
becomes sacred and inviolable, and a necessary period of
relaxation and complete freedom from pressures.

ogod. suddenly it got to be 1 o'clock--and I have to do some
preparing for school tomorrow. Letter suspended. love to

                                  [handwritten: love, Marcia]


Postmark: May 19, 1966, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 5/21” and “Ans. this 5/22” and some notes-to-self from Ethel about getting various meds for Marcy.

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