Letters from Marcy #23: 4 June 1966

Some unusual aspects of this one:

  • It's typewritten in red instead of the usual black.
  • The date that Ethel wrote on the front page is “5/4/66,” but it seems much more likely that it was written on June 4 rather than May 4.
  • Marcy finished and signed a one-page letter, then wrote another page and signed that as well. (So don’t stop reading after the first signature below.)
  • It’s the last letter before she graduated from Antioch. (She graduated on June 18, 1966.)
  • It’s the last letter before a year-plus break in the letters (during which period there were huge changes in her life); the next one is from July 1967.


                                            [pencil: 5/4/66]


Lickety-split, trippety-plit, off to do last paper of
college career, field comprehensives x project on
Creativity, ho ho. have been reading and thinking madly all
quarter, now have less than a week to write it all and get
it typed and handed in--midnight Friday, to be exact. plus
two little papers and xxx three books to read and 90 billion
little details to cover....

Have reservations for you at the Drake motel in x
Springfield for Friday and Saturday June 17 and 18, at
$10.30/night, which is reasonable considering local rates
and crowdednesses;;also Susie has reservations for her
parents at a motel in Xenia, but they may not come, and I
may switch to those if they indeed x decide not to. She has
decided not to graduate, xx this year, as she was unable to
finish her thesis (histoyr) and will do so this summer,
graduating in absentia next x june, for a fee of $50 for the
college to carry her as a student on leave for the year.
Pretty popular move among history seniors--about 10 of 20 of
them are doing this, as history theses are notoriously
terrible and boring, especially for the people writing them.
They all pick obscurre little topics--Susy is doing one on
Richard Haliburton, Rhodes' is on the coronation of
Charlemagne; he might not make it either--and then get
disgusted with how irrelevant they are.

You might make reservations for the xxxxxx luncheon after
graduation; I don't care about the dinner. That's up to you;
will you be here by then? Don't know if you have to pay for
me or not, but I suppose you do; you could ask when you
reply. We invite you to dinner on Saturday, here, along with
Rhodes' mother and a friend from Tucson.....ah, so. Suzy
says yes I have to be paid for at whatever meals.

Zhhhh.....Annie's sister and her two kids just showed up to
borrow our phone--they (her sister and husband) both went to
Antioch and are xx living here now-; he is an actor, and a
pretty damn good one, and the area theater needs him most
desparately....just convinced them to send their kids to
Antioch school next year (nursery school and kindergarten)
so I feel like I've done some good in the world.

Never got the letter from Carole Picardo you forwarded; I
should write to her anyway but xxxxxxxx am extending a
moratorium on letters till all work is done. Did get the
package with stuff, but no plimasin as yet. rush a little;
I'm beginning to eat them like candy xxxxxxx again.

HAVE X TO STOP STOP STOP fooling ariound right now this
minute and get to work. nuff. nonsense, work work work.

                                  [handwritten: love, Marcia]

oh, just loooked at later letter.

thanks for check; it was most handy.

It might be just as well if you didn't get here Thurday
night, as things will be a mess and I have promised to type
several papers for people who aren't graduating and thus
their work isn't due till then (Thurs or Fri) and will have
lots of people to say goodbye to and lots of running around
without sleep and simply won't be able to pay much attention
to you until Friday, and it'll be pretty dull anyway. Also
we want to get the house cleaned up before you get here, to
be properly impressive and all.

do you need directions from rte 40 or can you get them from
AAA or something? will be glad to send some if necessary.

If you would care to bring about 2 dozen bagels and suitable
quantify of lox and such, we'd all be more than delighted.

org, back to work.

oh, one more: don't worry about rushing to be here in time
for anything; whenever you get here (and if it works out
best to get here Thursday then please do so) will be plenty
of time to do all the things to do.

Aslo, don't expect me to go back with you, as I'm used to
traveling at a different pace and stopping will drive me
nuts, and I'm not even sure I'm going east right
away....depends on lots of things, like whether job promises
get definiter or the National Teacher Corps sounds more
attractive by next week than they do now, or what. all is
still far up in the air, and most open-ended.


                                  [handwritten: love, M]


Postmark: Jun 5, 1966, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 6/7.”

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