Letters from Marcy #32: 2 February 1968

Charlotte Sherman painting postcard
Charlotte Sherman painting postcard

Handwritten on a notecard that had been sold as a benefit to support an organization called Transport A Child, “working to promote quality integrated education in Los Angeles.” The art on the front of the card was an oil painting by “the renowned California artist, Charlotte Sherman.” (A later letter was typed on another notecard of this same design.)

The flower here was a little drawing at the top of the letter; I assume Marcy drew it, but I don’t know.




day off

hurray for 3-day weekends!


People keep giving ridiculous stationery to the school, so I’ve no excuse not to use it. Thanks for the potato latkes recipe—tried them in blender & meat grinder (got the latter from blue chip stamps—say, do you save them? there are some baby things I’d like to get, like a stainless steel feeding cup & spoon (for later) & blankets & things) & it’s much the best in the blender—grating I’d never do. Peter accuses me of holding out on him ’cos I never made them before—wow, they really taste good after a long time.

[Note written in margin: Try cooked buckwheat groats (kasha) instead of flour—no egg needed.]

Have been getting lots of baby things—looks like all I’ll need will be diapers, undershirts, diapers, pins, a few light blankets, diapers, nursing bras, diapers, and diapers. I am so big I stare at my profile in disbelief—seems like someone else, which sure enough it is. Surely will be between March 10-20, but feels like tomorrow—his head is down now, feels like making-ready position. Kids are all drawing pictures of pregnant ladies with inside view of baby.

Yes, the car is fixed. No, don’t know when we’ll go to Seattle—probably Sept, not later.

Love from Peter, & Marcia

Postmark: Fort Bragg, CA, Feb 2, 1968. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 2/5/68” and “Ans. this 2/16.”

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