Letters from Marcy #33: 13 February 1968

This brief letter is hand-written on a piece of paper with a red strip of paper glued to it. The red strip is tied in an overhand knot and then flattened, resulting in a pentagon shape in the middle of the strip. There’s another red strip tied the same way glued onto the envelope. Given that Peter later taught me how to make that pentagonal shape, it’s possible that he or Marcy made these and attached them to the paper, but it’s also possible that the paper came that way.

Strip of red paper tied in a pentagonal knot
Strip of red paper tied in a pentagonal knot



If you hold the paper up to the light, you can see a [five-pointed star] (in the red part)


How is it all? Lovely & well here, eating crabs & sun shining (till today, I fear) & school coming along beautifully, & baby so big he hardly has room to kick, & still plans to go to Seattle next year, & possibility of a nicer cabin, & cheaper, soon (maybe), & so on & so on—what did eye dr. have to say?


Peter & Marcia

Postmark: Mendocino, CA, Feb 13, 1968. Handwritten: “Rec’d this 2/15/68” and “Ans this 2/16.”

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