Archive for Letters to Parents

Letters from Marcy #31: 15 January 1968

Mostly about the Caspar Community School and various things connected to it. “Ah, the sun is shining, the cats are cowering (dog next door is in heat and her following grows larger daily—cats terrorized. (We have the same two we had in the city plus one with 22 toes, 12 in front and 10 in back. She is currently proving to herself that it hurts when you stick a paw in front of the typewriter keys and someone is typing), the ocean is leaping up with 10-15 feet of spray, and the baby is somersalting......all’s well with the world.”

Letters from Marcy #34: 27 February 1968

In which Marcy and Peter prepare for the impending baby, and are given some “government goat.” Two pull quotes: “Then monthly check-up with dr., who, altho he doesn’t approve of our wanting to have the baby at home, will not stand in the way, and does at least want to be sure all is well beforehand.” And: “The venison made my teeth hurt, as I’m not used to that carnivourous chewing, and made us both feel heavy and ferocious and animalistic.”

Letters from Marcy #35: 6 April 1968

In which Marcy gives birth to a baby. (Hey, that’s me!) “The first two days after Jed was born, Peter was sick with an allergic reaction to some pollen he ate accidently in a honeycomb, then it turned into a cold and I caught it and Jed caught it and we were all an exhausted mess. We hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before he was born, as he wasn’t really expected any more...”

Letters from Marcy #38: 25 May 1968

The final extant letter. Marcy was nearly 25 years old; I was nearly 2 months old. All that I have of her from after this letter is photos, a brief video, and a couple of audio recordings. And some memories. “Finally we did hear from Peter’s parents—they are much friendlier now that they have a grandson & Peter is going back to school…”